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For the Future

It starts with children.

Don’t let them

Become the scared men

And women

We are today

Driven by stories

Falling in line

Though similar story tellers

Have fooled us time

And time again.

How can we fend

For ourselves

When we eat

The poison they sell

With a shovel

Adorned with excuses

Accustomed to the abuses

And our attitude is:

“No time” “not enough money”

Don’t want to lose this

Life we’re living

Of monotonous 9 to 5-ing

busied by addictive distracting

No reflection of the self

convinced we’re thriving

Thinking health

Is found by prescribing.

We’re just relying

On everyone but ourselves

Leaving no chance to develop

Our own generational wealth.

But that’s not weighed in money

It’s measured in values

And skills passed on

That will carry us through

No matter the political climate

The price of food

No matter the new fear or victim trend.

The message we send

When we subscribe

And pretend

That normal means

Whatever you feel

Each individual morning

Is the immovable reality of the day

And those who say

Otherwise, are insensitive.

Enabling is easier

Self-knowledge is too much effort

Self-healing is not mainstream

Yet in hospitals and care homes

We wait to be seen

But are forgotten

Better fed in some prisons.

In nature we must listen

Remember what we’ve been given

Here on earth

Before the other distractions

The big corporations

Fabricated societal expectations

Flip-flop for votes politicians

Because no matter how you twist your vision

Humans need food and water

A baby is made

By a mother and a father

Nature has important patterns

Like: spring, summer, fall, winter

Perspectives are gained

In past and present for future

But the only thing you can change

Is what you do with the now

So let children live slowly

It seems we’ve forgotten how.

by Kayla Henry

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Copyright © 2022 Kayla Henry

The moral rights of the author have been asserted.

All rights reserved. No part of this poem may be reproduced or used in any manner without written permission of the copyright owner except for the use of quotations in a review.

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