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We're all separated

preaching to our choirs

but should we not aim

just a little bit higher?

We rage about inflation,

racism, intimidation,

mistreatment of the elderly,

children, first nations…

police brutality,

what we do with our bodies,

how we choose to raise families,

and even who suffers from more inequalities…

Yet we shy away from personal responsibility

and let "higher-ups"

dictate our stories-

our value.

Putting us all in the same box

or in different ones when it suits.

Isn't life more fulfilling

when we wear our own shoes?

If some win a war

the others surely lose

so why would we be at war

with nothing to gain?

Why do we fight over every aspect

of our lives?

It's time we realize

that when we all try to fit

under one small umbrella

we leave no room to dance-

This cannot be our agenda.

We're desperately trying to navigate

through rules and ideals

we did not create.

We couldn't see the real issue here

If it slapped us in the face:

formed to function to fulfill

another’s fate.

Break the mold: reform

into one’s true shape.

Pointing fingers at each other

over and over again

we only leave room for hate.

When we ignore the problems

we create within every solution

we worsen our state;

allowing more friction.

How can we move past

this cycle of contradiction

when so focused on trivial alliances?

Nitpicking at someone's life choices?

Drowning out reality with such petty noises?

Walk away and never consent

to the misuse of our voices.

They're meant to connect us,

bring understanding and inspire

not stoke the already flaming

ideological fire.

Can you truly be right

whilst getting pleasure

from someone else being wrong?

Why are we fighting

when we need to get along?

I know it sounds cheesy-

But can we not all agree

that we all grieve

for something…

For the dying, the poor

for this class war that's rising.

There’s one simple moral:

NO stealing.

That goes for life, health, freedom

and someone's hard earnings.

If we move in this direction

we'll see a new page turning.

History is in the past.

The future's not writ

and shifting our perspectives

requires no regulations or permits.

We’re designed to lose

confined and restrained

but when we liberate our minds

we reclaim our freedom to change.

by Kayla Henry

Copyright © 2022 Kayla Henry

The moral rights of the author have been asserted.

All rights reserved. No part of this poem may be reproduced or used in any manner without written permission of the copyright owner except for the use of quotations in a review.

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