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It’s been like this forever.

This isn’t a change of weather.

Freedoms hanging by a thread here

while we binge Netflix and TikTok...

Now, I’m not here to judge you.

I know we’re all scared and tired

and we’ve been so hardwired.

Media fueled the wrong fires.

We’re depressed, we’re dying

while billionaires are crying

with laughter—

And we’re just running faster

away from reality.

Well ... Why wouldn’t we?

They’ve got guns and we’ve got family.

This isn’t conspiracy—

theories have been brought to light

throughout history.

We’re in a cave thinking we’re free.

Won’t go to the light,

it’s easier not to see.

Can we go back to dictionaries?

When definitions were clear?

We don’t read, we just fear.

Words manipulated we didn’t know existed.

Let teachers fix it

so parents can be distant.

Mess with child development.

“Just leave it to the government,”

let them draw our paths

‘cause we gave them the pencil.

We can erase this if we face it.

Us against the faces

that convince us drugs

will solve our problems

while they profit from our consumption.

Stop listening to stars and politicians

and begin using intuition,

Discerning fact from fiction.

Stop paying into our addiction

of listening to a system

that’s turning us into victims

of our lack of wisdom.

If you don’t see it now,

it’s okay to be confused,

but don’t throw rocks at those who do.

Take a step back and you’ll see who

is piloting this ruse:

A bunch of individuals

profiting from your residuals,

putting our money

into propaganda and riot police

instead of into our failing healthcare system.

They’ve always done this:

saying they need our cash to fix the roads

while they ride private jets and fancy boats.

No wonder we can’t stay afloat...

We’re right where they want us:

distanced and thoughtless,

avoiding each other

so we can’t discuss

what’s wrong with this picture.

Instead we write our feelings—

caps lock on with words vomiting

out of our thumbs

without knowledge of real arguing.

Why can’t ideas be shared

without ruining friendships and careers?

Just ‘cause someone got offended?

Never learned emotional intelligence?

Your feelings have no relevance

in the crusade for truth.

If they gave any credit to the people

we wouldn’t have censored information.

We just see one side on every station

pushing separation between each other

so we’re too busy judging mothers

who wonder why their kids

are being smothered—

Masks in gym class, call out the other

when he pulls down his mask.

How do they even learn in class?

Ads selling problems not solutions.

Our institutions told us

following was the solution.

‘Cause if you think for yourself

“you’ll go nowhere with an F.”

But I can tell you

the people who came out independent

were the ones who were observant.

I had to unlearn to become present,

and yeah, I’m still working on it,

but I make choices for myself.

This isn’t about health.

If it were they’d tell us:

“get your vitamins”

“go for walks whenever you can”

“do sports and eat well”

“have interactions – real human connections”

“raise your kids with healthy immune systems”.

Instead they punish insurrections

that fight for freedom from the infectious

disease that is control.

They swallow us whole.

Keep us indoors.

Special treatment for big-box stores,

but give us fines when we’re unsure

what martial law is in place today.

Throw us cheques to stay

on our good side,

keep us lost and afraid

‘cause we can’t afford

a rising mortgage or rent

since we lost our pay.

It was never gonna be just a few days.

by Kayla Henry

Watch the poem on Youtube

Copyright © 2021 Kayla Henry

The moral rights of the author have been asserted.

All rights reserved. No part of this poem may be reproduced or used in any manner without written permission of the copyright owner except for the use of quotations in a review.

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