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What make a news channel reputable

Government funding?

Prime television timing?

And what about the independents

Who gained their audience

Through honesty, integrity

And showing sources

Instead of pushing the only claims

That justify enforcements?

What makes one expert better

A government endorsement?

The size of their paycheck?

And what happened to health

Being a matter of personal agency?

You can find fast food at every corner

though heart disease

Is the number one killer

In North American families.

Since when does an appointed authority

Get to play some god?

And why have we lost control

Of our own thoughts?

There are so many questions

And I'd say it's not

A crazy idea to allot some time

To think on these hypocrisies

As we are a species

Capable of great things

If we could learn to bring

Out the best in ourselves

So we can help one another

And reach potentials

That the current state would never bother

Encouraging us to attain

‘Cause there’s little to freely gain

From the healthy, the sane.

You believe historical documentaries

But can't link the chains

That manipulation is not

Just a thing of the past

It’s a ship that keeps sailing

With the unaware at the mast

It’s just hard to know you're in it

When plot changes this fast.

Don't get caught up

In the fear fads

Of today

Because deceit is here to stay

As long as our minds

Are weak enough to be played

And our focus is frayed.

We don't need products

Or fame


Is not on subscription

It's ingrained

In logic

Knowing conflict

May never end

But a clear mind does not bend

To find answers in the pretend.

See the beauty in the end

Of the hardships.

Better to stay present

Than turn numb and complacent.

This isn't a pageant

To see who is the best person

As real good doesn't need recognition.

What is this condition

Of living like reality is fiction

And real life happens

Behind screens?

Our addiction to the obscene

Is tearing us away from what it really means

To be human beings.

No wonder we're leaving

Decisions to others

We've lost touch

With being mothers and fathers

So we turn into soldiers

In a war against ourselves

Because we can't tell

That the worth of our existence

Is defined by meaningful experience.

You are not someone else's experiment.

Your choices only make sense

If it's your own voice

That presents them.

Make sure it's reality you're repeating

Not the fear of impending


You heard from a stranger

Who’s got a fancy title on paper

But have never shaken your hand.

And if you choose to stand

Outside this line

You may get backlash, but you'll be fine

Once you realize

There are communities to build

Upon values that fill

Your life with peaceful purpose

Instead of breaking your back

On a path that is worth-less

Than your best guess

Of what freedoms you have left

In a game you were signed up for

When you couldn't even speak yet.

by Kayla Henry

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Copyright © 2021 Kayla Henry

The moral rights of the author have been asserted.

All rights reserved. No part of this poem may be reproduced or used in any manner without written permission of the copyright owner except for the use of quotations in a review.

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